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RE: slabs on grade...

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I have never read a minimum requirement but, I have been specifying
6x6xW2.9xW2.9 for the last couple of years because I was told you can walk
on this better during construction without it all ending up on the bottom. 

If I might add to the line of questioning... 

ACI 302.1R recommends that wwr should be discontinuous thru joints, it also
states partial discontinuance to maintain some load transfer capacity. I
have used a detail that calls for every-other wire to be cut at joints.
Never got a complaint but is this reasonable?  I am wondering what many of
you do for the joints in slabs with WWR especially if you have a PEMB FDN
with hairpins. 


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I am not aware of any code required minimum reinforcement requirement =
slabs on grade in the US.  The IBC does require a minimum of 3.5" slab =
section 1911, but places no requirements on reinforcement.  Many people =
the minimum slab reinforcement ratios from ACI 318, but ACI 318 =
states that it does NOT apply to slabs on grade.  As pointed out, the =
documents for SOGs are ACI 302 and 360, but neither are "mandatory"
documents, but rather guides or recommendations.  I don't recall off the =
of my head if they offer recommendations on minimum reinforcement, but =
if they did those recommendations have no force of law.  If you really =
to know, then say that word and I will dig them up and see if I can =
my memory.
Adrian, MI

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