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RE: 12 x 18 printers

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Thanks Allen, Shaun and Farzin,
Allen, I feel the same way about Epson printers, I had 2 die on me within a year. I believe the Canon Pixma Pro9000 replaces the i9900. If money was no object I would get a laser printer.  I am leaning towards the Canon, but like other comparable printers it has got some poor reviews.
Shaun did you mean the Deskjet 9800?

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Subject: RE: 12 x 18 printers

Jeff –


I’ve had both HP and Canon inkjet printers. My latest HP was a 2600. What I use now is a Canon i9900. While I have a lot of HP equipment in my office (computer, calculator, LaserJet AIO, LaserJet 2420 and 42” Design Jet 500), I don’t think I’ll ever buy another HP inkjet printer. I’m totally happy with my Canon and I’m convinced that Canon is the only inkjet printer I will buy (until things change of course). I print 11x17 because I’m cheap and it’s convenient but you can print as large as 13”x19” on either one.


My two cents.


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Subject: 12 x 18 printers


I am looking for a home printer to do 1/2 size plots of 24 x 36 AutoCAD and PDF drawings, color is not that important but I need to do 8-1/2 x 11 general printing as well, prefer a small footprint since my office is small. Seems every printer I Iook at has a few really bad reviews. Any thoughts appreciated.