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Dear fellow structural engineers,
In response to the "programs for the new code" thread, you have probably
all heard that ENERCALC has been rewriting the "Structural Engineering
Library" for over three years. What was conceived as a small project
has turned into a rewrite of the entire system to prepare us for the 
future, and the many intervening code changes.

Version 6.0 is now essentially complete and release is set to begin 
shortly, with emails first going out to the portion of our user base who 
will be receiving the new release automatically (about 4,200 of you!).

The new Structural Engineering Library 6.0 supports all the current "new"
2006 IBC, 2007 CBC, 2005 ACI, 2005 ASCE, 13th AISC, 2005 MSJC, and 2005 NDS.

The changes are considerable but usage is very similar. The current release,

Version 5.8, may still be used for support of older codes.

The new Version 6.0 was displayed to the attendees of the S.E. Buildings 
Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago and the response was 
enthusiastic (some would say jaw dropping) and those observers gave
us more good ideas to complete before release.
I don't mean this message as advertising, but because of the size of our 
user base I wanted to make it known that the new ENERCALC products 
are essentially done and will be available for your work with the new codes 
shortly and definitely before the end of the year.

We monitor this list only occasionally, so please send any questions and
comments directly to me at michaelbrooks(--nospam--at)  

We do not have any advertising literature available yet for Version 6.0 yet 
but I have personally narrated six videos that show the system in action 
(made about two months ago). You make request links for viewing if you 
are currently a user.

Our new web site with all details will be available in late November

Very sincerely,

Michael D. Brooks, SE

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