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LGS Framing Details

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What are you Light Gage Steel engineers out there doing in regard to your details?

Do you use the generic isometric details provided by the various MFG's with a few add ons? or do you make your own 2-D versions using those as guidelines.

I hate Isometric because drawing to scale, while not as important to some, is important to me. These iso views are likely faked to look nice but make editing (i.e. stretching) a little difficult. A 2-d section or 3 is more useful to borrow for unique conditions from job to job, but maybe just because of the thin-ness of the metal, that 2-d doesn't get the point across.

Any input is appreciated and this would be for both  structural framing (i.e. floor joists, walls) and non-structural (interior non-load bearing) and exterior cladding.