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Re: Bill Polhemus, that was a cheap shot

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        I think that what Bill means is "There is already a shortage of food in the world.  This food should not be converted into fuel as a temporary fix when the real solution is to reduce the use of fuel."
        Many people agree with Bill on this.  I have recently heard recommendations that "Converting food into fuel should be considered a crime against humanity."
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: RE: Bill Polhemus, that was a cheap shot

Um, I guess I am missing something.  Since most commonly believe that fossil fuels are created from fossilized remains of dead plants and animanls being exposed to heat and pressure in the Earth's crust over extremely long periods of time (i.e. biogenic theory), would not most of the fuels that we currently use have pontentially been food at one time?  Are we not just looking at using such biological material a little quicker than having to wait potentially millions, if not hundreds of millions, of years?
Or do you believe that all so called "fossil fuels" were created per an abiogenic process?
Adrian, MI
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Subject: Re: Bill Polhemus, that was a cheap shot

Shaun Dustin wrote:


What was that supposed to mean?

Yeah, it was. Had a bad day.

But personal "cheap shots" aside, taking food and turning it into fuel for political expediency IS pretty annoying.

Sorry, nothing personal.
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