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CODE: Wind Loading at Lower Wind Speeds?

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A contractor client of mine just called in a panic. Seems the owner's engineer for a repair project he's doing insists that he provide a wind loading on his construction staging work (partial erection). The engineer arbitrarily mentioned "20 MPH wind."

So I'm going to calculate the "components and cladding" effect, but I got to thinking: does the same ASCE 7 procedure apply for a lower wind speed as for a higher?

In other words, since the wind speed is low, it likely doesn't produce "turbulent flow" to the same extent a high-speed wind event would, so what is the effect? I'm not even sure that "laminar flow" would result in a corresponding less force. I guess one of the "K factors" would be involved (gust?), but I haven't ever considered this before.

Any thoughts?

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