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biofuels and further off-topic

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Hi Bill and Chris:


Regarding biofuels and dwindling world oil supplies:

Saudi Arabia did a survey nearly a year ago.  What they found has not been scientifically explained, that I am aware.  They found that the levels of crude oil in the ground in each of their oil fields was the same as it was in the 1970’s.  They expected to find appropriate depletion since they pump millions of barrels a week (the actual number I do not know).


Does this change the debate about biofuels?  What is the exact urgency, since we know that at some point in the future the supply of oil will be depleted.  I am reminded of a book I read in 1968 which stated that the world supply of oil will be gone in 15 or 20 years.  No, don’t go there, it was not written by Albert Gore, Jr.


One of my big concerns is refineries.  This year the United Stated began importing gasoline in addition to crude oil.  Which direction is the United States moving?  Looks to me like more dependence, rather than less, even with the benefit of biofuels.



Bob Freeman, AIA, EIT