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RE: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets

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I use the EI spreadsheets, but I always do an independent hand calc first when I am going into a new one before I will accept it.  So far I have not had any problems with the ones I’ve used. I know at least one firm that I really respect from working with them on projects has used them in the past (don’t know about current). 


Like any other engineering tool, it’s buyer beware but in my experience, they are good and the service has been good as well.  I would still do a hand check on them for your firm’s piece of mind and put it a copy of the hand check in the file so when somebody (OSHPD) asks for it, you have something to substantiate the tool.  




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Subject: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets


Listserv -
I am looking for feedback on any users of the plethora of structural spreadsheets available for purchase at
My company asked me to look into them but the owner of the site will not give me any references.  I basically want to know if you found the spreadsheets easy to use, viable, reliable, etc. Any specific raves or gripes are also welcome.
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