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AW: footings look too big

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Hi all,

Maybe my opinion, as one of the few foreigners on this list, is not very
interesting to you, but I tell you despite of that.

It seems to me, that everywhere in the world, it`s equal with our work.
Whatever we do, somebody think, that he knows better. Another engineer, an
owner, an architect, a contractor or even the worker on the site think, that
he knows better than we do, but nobody of them would take the responsibility
and most of them are even not able to take it. An engineer (I don't want to
talk about the others), who doesn't know the project (the structural system
or the geologic situation) cannot decide (in my opinion), if a footing is
too big or too small or if there is too much steel in a construction or not
(also very common). There are too many ways to lead the forces to the
ground. To give a qualified opinion (as an engineer), you have to look on
the contract, the calculation and the plans (and/or the site). Most of them,
telling, that something is wrong, don't do that. 

Usually, when somebody, who doesn't have the responsibility, says, that
something is too big, you are quite right. 

A word to the earthquake discussion:

Be glad, that Donald (as an architect, when I read right), cares about
earthquakes. We don't have the same earthquake problems in Germany as you
have, but we also have to care about it. And not one of the architects, I
was working with, knows, what it means, to design houses in earthquake



Alfred Mueller
International welding engineer
University of applied sciences, Karlsruhe, Germany

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What would you say to a guy who says your footings look too big?

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