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Re: printers/ wood software

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> From: "Andrew Kester, P.E." <akester(--nospam--at)>

> The two A & E firms I have worked for have had HP4MVs for 8.5x11 and =
> 11x17, and they are simply workhorses. I don't remember them having much =
> more problems then paper jambs. And they can go all day it seems, and =
> are supposedly pretty skimpy on the toner powder so your cost per sheet =
> is low. So I bought one for our office, a factory refurbished one off of =
> E-bay with a full one year warranty. So far so good, and it is great for =
> check sets, detail checks, and 11x17 finals. We happen to have a print =
> shop on the first floor of our building so this is all we need.

The HP 4V/4MV, like a lot of the HP machines, just keep on going. My 4MV has
a noisy fan that I'll get around to replacing one day.

Picked it up, used, for $300 and have spent many times that much in toner.
Getting toner cartridges is becoming a chore and they are expensive.

It'll be tough to say good-bye to an old friend when the time comes.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
ph 905 639-9628
cell 905 802-3707
fax 905 639-3866

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