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Re: footings look too big

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Haan, Scott M POA wrote:
What would you say to a guy who says your footings look too big?

I don't do footings but the same thing happens with machinery and weldments. Make sure that clever but dismissive response doesn't come back to bite you in the ass. A polite answer and maybe a brief, non- patronizing explanation, if you know one, along with some thanks for showing interest may get you a friend in the shop. An extra pair of eyes can get you out of trouble and be a go-to guy for fab-related issues. OTOH, a reputation as a know-it-all horse's ass, could leave you wondering why no one bothered to mention an obvious mistake before it made you look like an idiot.

It doesn't cost anything to treat shop workers with respect, even if they're not big-shot engineers and even if they really don't know what they're talking about. I was lucky enough to get nagged to death by a couple of guys at different shops who really ended up giving me a pretty fine practical education. I thought they were intentionally driving me nuts but I learned to field questions effectively and I learned enough shop practice to make me a better designer. Best of all, working together rather than as competitors made my job and theirs a lot easier, and one guy in particular bailed me out of some real situations.

The example here (like 'Uncle' John Sedgwick's reply to the soldiers ducking at rifle fire) is the construction of the first Hyatt skywalk in Kansas City. Workers who complained that they seemed too bouncy were told to keep off if they didn't like them. Too bad no one listened.

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