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Re: A3 Laser printers

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Well, I can't say much about those two printers, as I've never heard of them.  Depending on what you need it for and how good at computers you are, I'd look for a used HP 5si or 5siMX on ebay.  It'll cost $100-$200 to ship (weighs about 100-120lbs), and you might figure you'll need a new fuser ($200) and a new toner ($80-$100), but they practically can't be killed. I've been using the one I got off ebay 5 years ago without a hitch. It was probably 6-10 years old when I got it. I had to get a new fuser and a roller kit (easy to replace), and aside from very slow PDF processing, it's a champ. You couldn't buy it from me for any price. 15000 page toner runs about $80 for a remanufactured cartridge, and if you refill yourself it's about $20 worth of toner.  My unit cost about $275 shipped, and it came with the jet direct card and the duplexer; $400 should get you one if you're patient, or use a sniping service.

I've since purchased a Xerox M118i. It's a copier/scanner/fax/A3 printer. Fast, great looking, about $2800, including shipping and setup in the office.  I'm ready to kill Xerox right now because of a problem with the scanner. Also, the scanner will only send the scans to email, and requires an in-house, open mail relay. Other than the scanner thing, though, it's very, very nice. We still use the Laserjet 5si for most CAD work.

Shiraz Shahid wrote:

Hi everybody,


I need to get an A3 laser printer. I am looking at two options, HP5200 and canon lbp-2000, can anybody give me a comparision or a review of the latter. Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,


Shiraz Shahid.

Design Manager,

Engineering Solutions




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