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RE: Cantilevered Retaining Wall - Rule of Thumb

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Safe to say there is no rule of thumb, since there are many design factors such site slope, soil properties, surcharge, drainage. A reasonable starting point might be a backdrained wall with a footing width that is around 2/3rds the retained height and bottomed to provide 7 feet of horizontal confinement to the slope.  Minimizing a footing toe, heel or key will require a more specialized wall such using piers, tiebacks or soil nailing.  Considerations for a seismic increment could be an issue.
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Subject: Cantilevered Retaining Wall - Rule of Thumb

Greetings all-
Does anyone have a rule of thumb for proportioning propertyline cantilevedered retaining walls? My clients share a property line - one on the down slope who would like to minimize the size of the toe and the other up slope who would like to minimize the heel / size of the excavation. What to do??