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Re: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets

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Since we are on spreadsheets, I was looking at one that contained an equation solving routine called "shooting method". It is not explained in the spreadsheet and what I have looked up does not help. Can somebody explain it to an OF (old wind-breaker)?

Shaun Dustin wrote:

You can go to the Engineering-International website and download samples. The actual spreadsheets are identical except for the unlocking of some input cells—WYSWYG.

I just run a hand check of the spreadsheet the first time I use it. The code methods are documented in the spreadsheet, and if you’re used to doing it by hand it’s no big deal to do this. The hidden formulas should give exactly the same result as the code equations. You can try several cases to make sure you’re happy with the results. After I am satisfied, I print the spreadsheet calc, staple it to my hand calc, and put them both in a file for calculation template documentation. If I had a problem with numbers that didn’t match, I would contact EI—hasn’t been necessary so far.

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*Subject:* RE: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets

I don't mind they're being locked but can you see the formulas to verify the answers or do you have to believe that all the formulas are correct?


Bob Garner, S.E.


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We have the entire suite of EI spreadsheets and use them whenever we can. They are locked and cannot be modified so they don’t fit every application but they save a lot of time when they match the design scenario. I have only found one error in the code since I have been using them although I have not used all of them yet. The woodbeam.xls does not report the correct Fb for timbers thicker than 2”. I pointed this out and they sent me a corrected spreadsheet the same day.

They are really just one more tool in the box but not a stand-alone solution in my opinion.

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