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RE: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets - new Excel Version with XLSX!

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Old versions of XLS worksheets indeed work in Excel 2007.  Until our office completely changes over to Excel 2007, we are still saving workbooks in XLS format.  From what I understand, the XLSX format is a “zipped” version of XLS, so the file size is much more reasonable.


I’ve been on either Beta or Excel 2007 for over a year now.  Generally I like it, but have found some weird quirks (or shall I call them features) with the new version.  And, have found some number crunching programs (typically two dimension matrices) written with the old visual basic to run significantly slower in the new version.  IN some cases, Excel 2000 will crunch the numbers is less than 1 minute, Excel 2007 in +1 hr…




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Speaking of Excel spreadsheets:

Are many of you having problems with running XLS and XLSX files?

Apparently the older versions will not open this new version (Excel 2007).

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