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RE: Structural Engineering Spreadsheets

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Locked spreadsheets, hide equations, also tracers can not be applied. Tracers are to see what variable input addresses are being used.

I can not professionally rely on locked spreadsheets without writing my own spreadsheet to check equations!

I write my own.

My usual method...

Much of equations, most variables and most descriptions can be OCR'd. OCR'd from building codes and academic text, then cut and pasted into a spreadsheet. A column of values, next to a column of variables, allow to "create" each variable to equal the adjacent value. Those variables, then in the partially OCR'd equation, are recognizable by the spread sheet and applied. The values can be changed, and the equations are more readable with the variables.

Once it is set up I then move boxes around for input and conclusions to appear first along side any error warnings.

To help clean up for review, Excel has an automatic command that will convert all addresses, in an equation, to the created variables for those addresses.

For multiple sheets, the same variable might be used twice with conflicting value addresses. The variables need to be converted back to the different addresses of the values. I only know the search and replace command method. I need an auto method to convert variables in equations back to the spreadsheet addresses. Any advice???? Does the excel 2007 solve this?

David Merrick

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