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RE: California Building Code and the 2006 IBC

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Check with the jurisdiction, but, assuming you project is non-DSA or non-OSHPD, there will probably be only 3 items that will be different from ASCE-7. [For non-engineers: conventional wood frame construction requirements of IBC have been revised by HCD -- practically all projects of any size now require lateral calculations.]
1. Minimum value of Cs is revised (affects tall builidings only)
2. Builidng separation requirement is added (similar to UBC)
3. Concrete wall out-of-plane deflection of ACI is revised.
There is no grace period after Jan 2008.
If you plan to submit using ASCE-7 ***before*** Jan 2008, I do not see why you can not convince them.
Suresh Acharya, S.E.
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Subject: California Building Code and the 2006 IBC

Fellow Listers -
I hear California is adopting the IBC in January, 2008. Does any one have an idea on what the code status is for the city of Los Angeles? Will they also be adopting in January, 2008? Will there be any grace period where you can submit under either IBC or UBC(CBC 2001)? Will they have amendments? Um, sorry, the questions should have been, "how many amendments?"
I tried calling the LA Call Center and I didn't get any help.
Andre J. Sidler, P.E., S.E.
Quantum Consulting Engineers
Seattle, WA