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Re: October Structural Engineer " Resisting Lateral Forces Cumulative overturning design"

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Yeah, the "by others" is too common on those sheets. Trying to develop a 7/8" or 1" threaded rod with a lap splice in a CMU foundation wall is an exercise in futility. We usually end up thickening all the footings in the area so that if (when) the embedded rods end up in the wrong spot (too far to connect the coupling nuts) they can post drill and epoxy.


Robert Kazanjy wrote:
Simpson doesn't sell foundations so they probably don't care how you
design them....maybe they give some guidance is their footnotes  ;)

Or the "catch all" by others.

Seriously though, foundations under factory built shear walls have to
be pretty substantial to resist the over turning and the rather high
hold down loads.

Many designs do not adequately address these issues.   A generic slab
on grade foundation won't cut it.



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