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Re: MATHCAD: Anyone Else Not Getting the Warm 'n' Fuzzies from PTC?

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
When Mathcad was synonymous with "Mathsoft, Inc." I found that it was pretty easy to get customer support on typical issues like installation and media bug-a-boos, licensing, etc.

Now that they've gone over to PTC, it's like dealing with Microsoft. No, worse, it's like dealing with Software AG or one of these other big, impersonal B2B outfits that don't even reckon with "small fry" like a single user. Everything's geared toward big corporate accounts. They don't even sell Mathcad in "boxes" anymore, if you want a single copy you have to get a Digital Download, and they fob it off on Digital River.

I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say I paid almost $300 for the Mathcad 14 upgrade, then needed to reinstall but I can't get anyone there to help me re-download the software, etc. It's just nuts, like I've flushed that money down the toilet or something.

Anyone else have similar problems dealing with these people?
Ho-kay, so nobody cares but me. Fine, I'll continue my conversation with myself, then.

I finally got with someone at PTC who was able to help me. They were at a loss as to why I couldn't log on to any other part of their site, and suggested I contact User Support blab-blah-blah. Sure, I'll do that next time I have a couple of hours to kill hanging near the phone for when they finally answer (and here's hoping it's someone whose native language is U.S. English).

So, here it is a couple of days later, and I checked and found that there is a service update for the software. I go there to download the service update and lo and behold, you have to enter a login just to download. Tried all the logins I could come up with, nothing works. Can't get the service release.


I miss Mathsoft very, very, VERY much.

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