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Re: MATHCAD: Anyone Else Not Getting the Warm 'n' Fuzzies from PTC?

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There must be some sort of OSS I-told-you-so somewhere in here. I haven't used mathcad in years, but it seems that I'll never go back now. It is interesting that a grad student I worked with last year used it for some calculations...I wonder if he was working with the pre- or post-PTC version.

Of course, PTC asking you to simply empty you wallet into their coffers is standard operating procedure. Most folks here don't know them, but they're a big player in the mech/aero world. Back in the 90s it was $10k for a seat doing 3D modelling, and another $5k if you wanted the "drafting" module - just in case you decided you wanted to actually put any of your designs on paper. PTC almost makes the AutoDesk licensing seem cute and cuddly. I just hope Bentley's purchase of the RAM products won't do the same thing that PTC has done to Mathcad. I haven't updated my AdvanSE in about two years in an attempt to avoid figuring the new licensing scheme. I figure it must be absolute hell since they sent their regional reps to tell everyone about person (btw - thanks for the visit, Nina).


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