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Sustainable companies

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I have been working at a structural engineer company for the past 2 years since I graduated and I like the work, but there are some aspects that I do not like.
I do not like engineering large, very large custom homes with a lot of wastefull architecture. For example, 5000 sf plus homes for a middle aged family of 2?? I also do not like a lot of the architectural aspects that are nothing but waste. Using 8x columns and beams for a trells is utterly BS, unless they intend on doubling the trellis structure as a heli-port.
I am interested in working for either a structural or architectural company that specializes in "function before form", or green design and building. I have looked but I have not seen many in Southern California.
What are your thoughts on sustainable structural engineering/ building and or what companies implement this design method?
Thanks for all the help that I have recieved from past posts.