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Re: Hilti powder-actu fasteners

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Be careful if you allow equals. Remember to require a spec sheet with tested values for the configuration you are using.  I agree Hilti can be hard to source, and a bit more expensive, but the literature they offer is second to none.  Many conditions encountered (materials, edge distances, etc) are not listed, and in essence are unusable since the values are test based. Do not assume similar sizes are interchangeable from company to company.

I have started spec'ing Red Head when I can since there is a distributer in town that stocks most all of the common sizes.  They're literature is still a bit spotty, but it's better than some of the Simpson stuff.

Donald Bruckman wrote:
Hilti powder-actu fasteners

Do the field a favor and spec an “or equal” as well.  Hilti is a proprietary product that uses its own guns and except for a few products sells only from Hilti stores, (although they are beginning to expand).  Depending how far from a store the job is, Hilti can be very difficult to get and usually cost more than other products.   In addition, if you don’t have their gun, you have to buy one for just their product.


I get requests for “or equals” nearly every time a Hilti product is spec’d because non-proprietary stuff is stocked by most lumber yards and will arrive with the wood.  Nobody wants to make a special 30 mile round trip drive to pick up a box of shot mid-day when it could have come with the latest load of lumber that morning..



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Subject: Hilti powder-actu fasteners


I was searching for powder-actuated fasteners.  We typically spec Hilti.  I found ER-1290 for some Hilti PAF's and gives guidance for UBC zones 0-3 (or SDC A, B and C).  For higher seismic areas, it refers the reader to ER-2388.  Can't find it though.  Is that a typo?  Does anyone have this mystery ICC report?  TIA.

I am looking to fasten a PT sill plate to a ltwt concrete pan deck.  The wall is not a shear wall, but is in UBC zone 4.  Is there an alternate detail I should consider?

David A. Topete, SE

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