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Re: Sustainable companies

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Bill does it because he's an intolerant conservative. He does it just to get a rise out of people - kind of like poking a bug. Just ignore him - he'll go away when he gets busy again. Believe it or not, he does have some valuable experience in certain areas of the field, and he shares it when it comes up.

Think of him as that crazy uncle...just smile at his incoherent and then go back to your conversation. There's really no sense in engaging him. Besides, I think that's Chris' job. ;-)


erik gibbs wrote:

Hey Bill, why is it whenever someone asks about something that you do not agree with you open your big ffing mouth and bash them? Did you have anything constructive to add to this conversation or are you the type of person that always butts in other peoples conversations to give your 2 cents worth.

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