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Re: MATHCAD: Anyone Else Not Getting the Warm 'n' Fuzzies from PTC?

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On Nov 11, 2007, at 10:37 PM, Scott Maxwell wrote:

My MacBook Pro works just fine with my structural engineering programs. I can run RISA-3D (even with the dumb a$$ USB dongle), Woodworks, and TEDDs
just fine using Windoze XP Pro in Parallels.  I also have a BootCamp
partition setup that runs Windoze XP if I cannot get it to run in
Parallels...that is basically just like running it on a Windoze PeeCee
computer.  Works great.

I don't want to perpetuate OS wars, but I'm told by some colleagues that AutoCAD will run this way and so will ANSYS, both substantially as fast as running native on Windows-only iron. I would have thought that the ANSYS licensing hoops would be a problem, but apparently not.

One thing you do want to be very careful about. When you're running Windows under Parallels or BootCamp, it's really a Windows machine and subject to all the Windows security problems. The Apple logo and the presence of OS 10 doesn't protect the Windows portion of the machine. So run the techno-apps with windows, but read your e-mail and surf with the Mac.

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