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Re: MATHCAD: Anyone Else Not Getting the Warm 'n' Fuzzies from PTC?

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I don't personally have AutoCAD, so I don't know how well it runs under
Parallels.  Since it is graphics intensive, it might not run so well.
Parallels does now support some direct use of the more advanced graphics, it
is still not as good at running BootCamp on an Intel Mac for really graphics
intensive stuff (i.e. Modern games will still not run in can
use Direct X 8 games, I believe, but not Direct X 9 or 10).  If you REALLY
need all the speed and full graphics support, then you can use Bootcamp.  It
is essentially the same as using standard PeeCee hardware (i.e. Dell or HP,
etc)...Windoze is running natively.

As to security, I am fully aware of such issues.  I run a full anti-virus
and a software firewall in Windoze in Parallels as wells in Windoze in
Bootcamp.  In reality, I also run anti-virus and a software firewall on the
Mac OS side of things as well (and yes, I know that it is not necessarily
needed on the Mac OS side of things...I am just paranoid that way).

I do have to do some surfing in Windoze in Parallels.  My company using
Citrix to access the corporate system.  It used to work with Safari but
stopped working and since the corporate IT folks refuse to support Macs,
they will not work on fixing what ever the problem is.  Thus, in order to
access the corporate system, I must use Parallels to use Internet Explorer
so that I can use the Citrix system to get to email and do my timesheet.
Plus, while Safari does pretty well, some web pages are just setup to use IE
and will only really work well with IE.  So, sometimes I have to use IE in
Parallels just to get the webpage to display correctly.  Firefox on the Mac
helps some with this, but not all the time.

And for the record, I don't have a problem with Windoze (I do like to
"tweak" Windoze zealots by using "Windoze" rather than "Windows")...for the
most part...although I do prefer Macs and will take a Mac hands down over a
Windoze box any day of the week.  I have two desktops at home running
Windoze, including a new desktop that I just built myself.  This is partly
due to structural engineering and the need to run structural apps, but also
due to the fact that I just like screwing around with computers.  And the
plain simple fact is that Windoze machines require more screwing around with
than my Macs...and you CAN screw around with them more than Macs (although,
I did do some "minor surgery" to upgrade the hard drive on my MacBook Pro to
a 250 gb hard drive).


Adrian, MI

On 11/12/07 12:01 AM, "Christopher Wright" <chrisw(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> On Nov 11, 2007, at 10:37 PM, Scott Maxwell wrote:
>> My MacBook Pro works just fine with my structural engineering
>> programs.  I
>> can run RISA-3D (even with the dumb a$$ USB dongle), Woodworks, and
>> TEDDs
>> just fine using Windoze XP Pro in Parallels.  I also have a BootCamp
>> partition setup that runs Windoze XP if I cannot get it to run in
>> Parallels...that is basically just like running it on a Windoze PeeCee
>> computer.  Works great.
> I don't want to perpetuate OS wars, but I'm told by some colleagues
> that AutoCAD will run this way and so will ANSYS, both substantially
> as fast as running native on Windows-only iron. I would have thought
> that the ANSYS licensing hoops would be a problem, but apparently not.
> One thing you do want to be very careful about. When you're running
> Windows under Parallels or BootCamp, it's really a Windows machine
> and subject to all the Windows security problems. The Apple logo and
> the presence of OS 10 doesn't protect the Windows portion of the
> machine. So run the techno-apps with windows, but read your e-mail
> and surf with the Mac.
> Christopher Wright P.E. |"They couldn't hit an elephant at
> chrisw(--nospam--at)   | this distance" (last words of Gen.
> .......................................| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania
> 1864)

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