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RE: Sustainable companies

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A typical fresh graduate mentality, that’s me! Confused and no good direction very unstable mind. However, those instability turn out to be the best of my carrier. As an engineer, consider yourself a problem seeker, maker and a solver. We’ never know what is up front until we reach it. My motto is always prepared.


That’s how I look at it, deal with it, and use it as a stepping stone in gaining broad experience. The competition is getting stiffer and competitors are relentless.


Now that I’m at a level of being a contributor and a helper not a seeker I can look back and relax rekindling the hated most and likable job. I suggest staying another 1 year or two and assessing yourself which direction you need to go. Afterwards, If you lean to become a structural engineer then flexibility is my best answer.




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Subject: Sustainable companies


I have been working at a structural engineer company for the past 2 years since I graduated and I like the work, but there are some aspects that I do not like.


I do not like engineering large, very large custom homes with a lot of wastefull architecture. For example, 5000 sf plus homes for a middle aged family of 2?? I also do not like a lot of the architectural aspects that are nothing but waste. Using 8x columns and beams for a trells is utterly BS, unless they intend on doubling the trellis structure as a heli-port.


I am interested in working for either a structural or architectural company that specializes in "function before form", or green design and building. I have looked but I have not seen many in Southern California.


What are your thoughts on sustainable structural engineering/ building and or what companies implement this design method?


Thanks for all the help that I have recieved from past posts.