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Re: Transfer force of large tie beam

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I was thinking the same thing for the rods - make a weldment of the anchor rods, an angle (or four) to form an L in the pier, then rebar (or A36 rods) welded along the axis of the angle which extend into the subslab trench. Now, there are still some moments to deal with, so the concrete in the pier isn't really out of the load path completely. But that's why we make the big bucks, right?


PS - I noticed you're up to serial number 4 on your email. I lost about 2 weeks of seaint recently when my previous address became a spam-magnet, and I think the server just gave up and deleted almost anything coming into that account.

seaint04(--nospam--at) wrote:

Thanks for the response.

I looked at my numbers a little more closely this morning and realize my
maximum load combination is 88.9 kips horizontal thrust.  The 60 kips was
from the roof snow load.  I also have drifted snow load on the worst case
frame, plus the dead load.

I wasn't thinking of using 40 grade steel reinforcing.  I was considering
using A36 rods.  It would be too confusing to try to get 40 grade rebar
for the project.  If I limit the stress to 22 ksi I need (4) 1.125 dia
rods.  I'm still wondering about an efficient way to get the force out of
the anchor bolts and into the rods.  I 'm considering using some angles to
'dead head' the rods in the pier.  I can see I would put a significant
cage of rebar around the bolts.  I would detail a concrete tie beam below
the floor slab.  I'm still not comfortable with how the force load path
travels from the bolts to the tie rods.


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