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RE: Transfer force of large tie beam

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Thanks for your repsonse.

No, the PEMB frame does not sit on a wall.  It sits on a pier, part of the
slab foundation system.  The tie beam is under the slab on ground.

I briefly considered a shear lug earlier today and dismissed it.  I think
I will revisit that idea.  I could have a plate set in the wet concrete
with the shear lug and weld the column base plate to the embedded plate. 
That way I can control the edge distance for the concrete breakout better.
 Right now I have inset girts which puts the first anchor bolts close to
the edge.


> Richard,
> I am not sure I understand, and forgive me if it is obvious...  You have a
> PEMB structure sitting on top of a one story CMU wall with a tie concrete
> CIP tie beam at the top? Or when you say tie beam, do you mean footing or
> grade beam?
> You can also have them weld a small length of tube or WF to act as a shear
> lug and this forms a more rigid shear transfer mechanism to the concrete
> and rebar than "loosey-goosey" anchor rods. We have used this on PEMB with
> high uplift and shear forces, use the shear lug for the shear and the
> anchor rods for the tension. I would have some other ideas but it makes a
> difference depending on whether this is a footing or TB.
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Principal/Project Manager
> ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
> 1510 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 301

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