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re: sustainable companies

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I love engineers! We are so all over the place with our personalities. No stereotypes can contain us and our beliefs...
We all know that Bill was being sarcastic, like all of his posts, I think Bill is a character of a far right wing Rush-type who is actually a liberal holding up a mirror to the conservative right, as in the original Steven Colbert. I bet Colbert has read this list for years and got his whole act from Bill's posts. This list needs sheeps clothing liberals like Bill to hide from the Fox, for a fair and balanced list, we can all concede that I am sure.
And I am but a plagiarizer or at least a boworrer of the ideas of Jonathan Swift and was merely making a Modest Proposal for our dear young graduate who is facing the very real moral dilemmas we all must fast as engineers. Why are they building this? Why the hell am I designing this? What a waste, this is not why I went to school, this is all just so ridiculous.... We have all said this at one time or the other.
But unless we can cook young children for our tables we sometimes must make some moral sacrifices at some points in our career so that we have a roof over our head and bread on our table.