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RE: Slide Rule Era

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I was firmly in the slide rule era.  The document regarding maintaining sharp instincts is spot on.  Too many of our younger engineers don't have a feel for what the answer "should be".  But they can tell you what "it is", to 14 decimal places.  And they don't seem to understand the significance of, well, significant figures.
I have my "museum of calculational devices" which starts with a fully functional abacus, a number of slide rules (the circular ones are my favorites), up through calculators, my first personal computer (Apple ][+), and beyond to the present day.
Umm, of course I would not give up my computer, but I keep a slide rule in my workshop.

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Thank you. Is this your web site?
There are a lot of very interesting material in this site.
I'd like to thank whoever that compiled those valuable information.
I personally never used the Slide Ruler.
I remember, back in 1976 when I entered university, I was 16. At that time, it was "almost" the end of "Slide Rule" era and the beginning of emergence of calculators.
Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar, SE
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Subject: RE: Cofar metal decking
Download the Cofar product literature at:
Harold Sprague
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> Subject: Cofar metal decking
> We have a set of plans that calls out composite decking as "5 1/2 H24".
> We think it may be a Cofar (spelling?) product. Does anyone have
> information such as deck thickness, allowable gravity loads, etc.