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Re: Transfer Girder Design having more Depth

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As others have said the only limit on a member depth is relative to it's span. As long as the span/depth ratio is larger than about 4, the member is considered to be flexural. But this is conditional on loading also. If you ave a large point load on the member closer to a support than about 2D, then you should consider both flexural and deep beam action for the beam in that area.

Your main problems will be in construction. If you try to pour a 1.75m wide by 3m deep beam all at once there will be very large amounts of heat created in the hydration process. Measures have to be taken to reduce this. If you decide to pour it in layers then you will have to consider the effects of cold joints on shear capacity etc. I have seen attempts to try to cool the concrete as it is poured to counter this. I am not sure where you can find advice on all of this. I assume one ACI committee would cover it.

At 04:46 PM 14/11/2007, you wrote:
I am designing a Transfer Girder, having Size of 1750 x 3000. To find Area of Reinforcement, I am considering only Bending Moment. (Span of Beam is 18m)
Is there any special condition, I have to check. Because the Depth of Beam is 3m.

What is the Maximum Depth for Beam Members?.
Can anybody having the design experiences share some knowledge?
Thanks in advance.

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