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RE: Revit Structural

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Actually what irks me about Mac users is their condescending attitude and
snobbery. The PC is not as bad as portrayed by Mac users. There are more
problems with security issues but primarily because the audience is so much
larger. Exploiters of security and authors of viruses go for the market.
Even so, the Mac has had viruses and some security issues. I have used PC's
forever, it seems, and have had no major problems. Lost a few hard drives
but that is not a PC issue. I have had one virus that did no damage but
caused usability problems. I ultimately had to format my drive to get rid of
it. But virus scanners and adware/spyware and firewall software have kept me
safe even from key loggers.

Anyway, I get lots of work done on my computer and have automated many of my
designs. It has meant a higher effective hourly rate, more options for
design optimization and elimination of calculation blunders, not to mention
the free time it gives me.

Mark E. Deardorff, SE 

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