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Re: Revit Structural (vista/xp)

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An open secret among most geeks is that if you happen to be a Dell shop, any Dell OS CD will install on any Dell machine (I believe this may be true with other top tier vendors). The CDs check for a Dell BIOS and will install without need for any activation. Since there are so few top tier box makers these days, and Carly destroyed anything good at HP, I've stuck with Dell. One advantage is that when I re-task a machine and reinstall the OS, I can just grab the CD from my most recent purchase and have the most recent service packs already folded in (i.e. XP SP2). This would also work if you bought a Dell with Vista and wanted to "downgrade" immediately, or were willing to wipe and reinstall to get XP, and have an old CD lying around. Heck, I've got a 550MHz machine I use as a print server I got for $50 off ebay and...XPSP2 installed without a hitch.

The flip side of that devil's pact is that you can't take your windows licenses with you - they're effectively locked to the machine. Since I don't build my own anymore, I don't really care - anything I buy will come with an OS.


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