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SEAW's Handbook of a Rapid-Solutions Methodology for Wind Design

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I just read about the manual noted in the Subject from "Structures" article in the Codes and Standards section of the article by Ed Huston, PE., S.E. Has anyone reviewed this and does anyone know if this manual will be acceptable for use in the coming 2006 IBC that comes into play this January?
The Rapid-Solutions Methodology (RSM) approach seems to be much more reasonable than other methods I've reviewed so far, but it would require manual integration into other programs to compare to seismic design values where simplifed methods are adopted under the flexible diaphragm guidelines that define the work most of us in low-rise buildings are doing.
I would be interested in the comments that others outside of Washington may have after having read this artical or from those in other areas of the country who have used the SEAW's RSM mehtods as allowed by other regions and municipalities.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant