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Re: Responsiblity for local conditions

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Please don't let my geotech find out you're spending $2k for a soils test. Locally, I can get a 4-5' hand auger in 2-3 locations on a site, with USGS classification, dry density, atterberg limits, expansive index, plus a bearing capacity and depth below seasonal moisture change for $350. If I ask nicely, I can get a ko, ka, and kp, too.


sscholl2(--nospam--at) wrote:
Burbank had (and hopefully still has) the City divided into 4 quadrants and had soil tests done for each. They then provided the data for anyone to use upon paying a small fee (less than $100 as I recall) to use the data and to repay them for having the tests done. I believe this was only for residential and small commercial projects.

It has never made much sense to me for an owner to have to pay about $2000 for a soil test for a residential addition when one was done a few months earlier at a site next door or a couple of houses away- and this is what is required in some cities.

Stan Scholl, P.E.

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