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Re: Uplift on Footings: Superior Foundation Walls

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Magic. Didn't you know that once something touches the ground, all tension forces mystically resolve?

On a serious note, I've never seen a tension connection on a Superior wall.  I believe that they typically anticipate the weight of the building above (or internal reactions, in the case of T-C couples) to hold them down.  Of course, I'm in low-seismic (SDC C) and low-wind (90mph) country, so we rarely see buildings tumbling down the road on undersized footings.

Eric Tompos wrote:
Has anyone else attempted to use Superior Foundation Walls?  If so, how do you anchor shearwall holdowns to this foundation wall system?  The manufacturer's literature provides no guidance on the subject, yet builders are using these walls.  All I can figure is that the homes they are being used on must have prescriptive "braced wall lines" that don't require holdowns.
For now I'm not planning to specify them, but any guidance would be appreciated.




Eric Tompos, PE, SE

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