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Re: Strap and Tie-Down Systems Part 2 by Alfred Commins

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Donald Bruckman wrote:

I haven’t used those HPAHD (used to be just PA) straps since the 80s and I believe they were outlawed in the City of Los Angeles in about 1992. I can’t believe Simpson even produces them anymore.

As for the old bolted holddowns, (HD series), I don’t think anyone that has ever installed a PHD series holddown and their brethren would say that the bolted versions were superior, at least anecdotally. I guess we’ll all find out if we’re idiots or not when the next big shaker arrives since I don’t believe they existed prior to ’94 and thus haven’t been put thru Mother Nature’s testing program, but so far, I’m a big fan of the SDS screw both for hold-downs and also sill transfer because I”ve never been too comfortable with that “re-tighten the bolt just before covering” thang….

What he said.
Chuck Utzman, PE
I saw too many installations where the drilled holes didn't align & were finished off with what we call a "Mexican milling machine"

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