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Re: CA & WA SE reciprocity

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CA is extremely difficult to deal with.  I am in roughly the same boat
as you.  I got my Utah PE in 2002, CA PE this year (April exam) and
tried to sit for the October 07 CA SE exam.  Didn't happen.  CA has
set the schedule to prohibit someone from coming in and getting a PE
and SE within the same year, even if they have 30 years out-of-state
experience.  The PE results are issued one week AFTER the registration
deadline for the fall SE.  Not only that, I called CA between when I
took the exam and when results were issued to check up on my
application.  I was told everything was in order, all I need are the
results to get my license.  Naturally I got a letter a month after I
was supposed to receive results which told me I as missing the laws
and rules exam.  I had submitted the exam with my application.  But
now I had to wait another month for the board to sit and approve my
exam.  All told, it took me 10 months worth of hassle to get my CA PE.

Did you know that out-of-state CA applications must be post-marked 6
months before in state applications?  Found that out as well when
trying to apply for the SE.  The CA staff is beyond unhelpful in these
matters.  Often giving incorrect advise.

Because of all this hassle, I have reached the same conclusion as you.
 I will attempt the WA SE next fall and then use comity to get a CA
SE.  One other note, the CA SE exam is based on the 97 UBC while the
WA SE exam is currently based on the 03 IBC.  If you have been
practicing anywhere outside CA, it should be much easier to prepare
for the WA exam.

I would like to make a couple of notes for you:  you will still need
the CA references once you apply for comity.  Read the rules, I
believe there is a way to get the references even if you don't know
anyone.  A CA SE can review your work or something.  I don't remember
the exact provisions, so look into it.  Lastly, it is my experience
that CA will not budge on the experience issue.  Spend your time
getting the WA SE, by then you will be much closer to your experience

Best of luck, you will need it to deal with CA.
Jake Watson, SE
Salt Lake City, UT

On Nov 23, 2007 7:50 AM, Sushil Chauhan <sxchauhan(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am a registered PE (Civil) in California since mid 2005. I had 4 years of
> work-experience before I obtained my CA PE license. I have worked out of
> California, and on International projects ever since I got my CA PE.
> Currently I am based in TX.
> Now I intend to go for CA SE licensing.  There are two issues however:
> 1) Its difficult to get SE references as I never had an opportunity to work
> with one so far.
> 2) California board has the requirement that the 3 years of experience after
> obtaining CA PE license will be counted only if the person was registered PE
> in the state where he worked. My work history AFTER obtaining CA PE goes
> like this - (a) 1 year in MD - Had my PE from MD by reciprocity. So I should
> get 1 year credit from here for sure.
> (b) Then I moved to Texas and worked on site assignments. By now I have
> accured over 1 year of experience in TX but I am yet to get TX PE license. I
> did apply late but its been months since I heard from TX Board people.
> Apparently this year they had a big backlog. I should be recieving it
> anytime now.
> I really want to appear for SE exam in 2008 Fall. Had I worked in CA and
> under SE's after getting my PE from CA, I would have been eligible for 2008
> SE exam.
> I am thinking of taking following route:
> 1) Get PE from WA by reciprocity as I already have CA PE
> 2) Get SE from WA ( I have required experience; my work-experience has been
> in structural field mostly)
> 3) Get SE from CA by reciprocity
> I feel that above route helps me address both of my concerns. WA SE
> application clearly says that the references could be got from a licensed
> engineer with significant structural experience and not necessarily SE.
> Am I thinking straight?
> Thanks & Regards,
> SK

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