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MODELING: Accounting for a 'Black Box' Supported Structure

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I'm working on a blast-resistant design for a manufactured building that will itself be designed as blast-resistant. However, it will be some weeks before the building's design drawings will be available from the vendor, but the foundation's got to go out now.

The foundation will consist of six or eight drilled shafts that will project eight feet above grade, give or take. I am thinking to have precast prestressed beams in the long direction and precast prestressed hollow-core slabs spanning between them. The model I've constructed uses "beam-column" elements with beam elements spanning as the prestressed beams, and four-node plate elements indicated for each of the hollow core panels. The real purpose for the model actually is to obtain a reasonable value for the natural frequency of the system. I'll confirm the adequacy of the design assuming SDOF and using the SBEDS spreadsheet furnished by the USACE.

All well and good, but I'm wondering what's the best way to account for the presence of the manufactured building. I am using Visual Analysis for this task, which allows the introduction of "lumped masses" at a node - a very convenient feature, much easier to conceptualize than the indirect conversion of weights or loads used by most other programs. But I'm not sure how to account for the dynamic properties of the manufactured building, which I don't really know but can at least approximate for the initial design, then check once we have the numbers from the vendor.

Any comments or suggestions?
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