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RE: Steel SMRF beam connection

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I am considering a similar situation right now. One end of a single bay, one story frame does not have room for the same size column because it is between a repetitive window system. All that will fit on one end is a 6x6 tube or wide flange column. A 24" WF column will fit in the other end. I can't meet the drift requirements unless the base of the 24" column is fixed. (I am using OMF) If I do this, is it now a cantilever column even though there is a moment connection at the top of the 24" column to the beam? And if so then we have the R in one direction conundrum. We are squeezing this in under the 98 Calif Building Code.

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We used to do this when I was designing a lot of SMFs, but only as an extension on a multi-bay line of frames—never as a one-sided half bay frame.  I’ve analyzed a lot of those multi-bay with a half-bay on the end, and I can tell you you get very little (if any) capacity out of such a frame. The only reason I would ever leave them in a design is if I had a cantilever where I was using a full bay as the backspan or if I needed a little nudge to make redundancy work under CBC.


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Subject: Steel SMRF beam connection



Can someone tell me if it is allowed, as part of a steel Special Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) system, to have a beam with a pre-qualified RBS moment connection at one end of the beam and a simple shear connection at the other end of the beam?  Without getting into details of why we are doing this, I would like to know if having such connections will disqualify the frame from being a SMRF.  If this is not allowed, where is this stated in the CBC or Specifications?


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