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RE: weld symbols

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Fillet weld both sides? As far as I am aware the symbols refer to the individual plate elements not sections. It would have to be a fairly large HSS to be able to fillet weld the internal profile.

I assume that fillet weld is adequate for your purpose, but two of the sides of the square HSS are against the edge of the abutting member and therefore no landing on which to form a fillet weld, these two sides being flare bevel welded. Four faces, two weld types. Either apply appropriate symbol to all four faces, or apply to two faces and provide a reference note (< Ref 1) explaining opposing faces of HSS have same weld/joint type. Also note the bend radii of the HSS will make forming a suitable weld difficult.

Compared to alternative situation of the entire profile being flare bevel welded and then reinforced with fillet weld, which would be one arrow with stacked symbols.

Down here for buildings we typically just provide notes, and leave it to the workshop detailer to specify the weld details. The theory being there is more than one way to achieve the same end result. (eg, fabricator chooses which edge preparation is more economical for them, and since they chose it, we expect them to get it right first time.) If strength is not a concern then there is usually some vague description about the structure being fully welded.

That is if the weld is not critical then leave it to the workshop detailer to choose the edge preparation.


Conrad Harrison

B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust



South Australia

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For those of you that do a lot of steel work:

Say you have an HSS square shape end butting to the side of another of the same size.  Say you want to weld it all around (never mind why).  Do you show two weld symbols, one for fillet weld both sides and one for flare bevel both sides?  Or do you show one symbol for fillet weld all around, knowing full well it'll get done properly.  one symbol makes for a much cleaner detail.  In this case, weld stress is not a concern.