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Re: weld symbols

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In addition to the reply by Tom Hunt, you should consider whether some
fabricator or estimator will claim that you misled them. And perhaps on
seeing the weld symbols, you may want to rethink your member selection.
It is also surprising the number of detailers who will go along with the
incorrect weld symbol.

Jerry Coombs wrote:
For those of you that do a lot of steel work:
Say you have an HSS square shape end butting to the side of another of the same size. Say you want to weld it all around (never mind why). Do you show two weld symbols, one for fillet weld both sides and one for flare bevel both sides? Or do you show one symbol for fillet weld all around, knowing full well it'll get done properly. one symbol makes for a much cleaner detail. In this case, weld stress is not a concern. jdc

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