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re: waterproofing, etc

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I agree with Chuck and Richard. It does not matter whose responsibility is technically, if your name is on the drawings you can get sued where there are problems, no matter what they are. And waterproofing or infiltration issues can cause lots of structural problems like reinforcement corrosion, concrete and masonry degradation, and where Chris and I are- MOLD. There are lawyers who specialize in suing design professionals due to building flashing, envelope, roofing and other waterproofing issues that have resulted in MOLD and also structural degradation from wood rot on down the line.
I too have done a lot of forensic work in Florida and water intrusion is a huge problem, especially in residential construction, as these are not normally given as much attention as they are in commercial construction (in my experience).
I would highly reccomend having an architect or waterproofing specialist company, like a specialy contractor who does coatings or other types of waterproofings, brought in from the begining of this project. >From what I understand a lot of these guys can offer some serious warranties. And maybe even get a release from the owner for waterproofing issues from the begining. The one thing you can do to help is control the cracks in the slabs, walls and roof that may allow water to enter and work closely with the architect (if there is one) on the details at those junctions.
We don't have basements in general here in FL because of our high water table, so that may be an issue to find a good contractor. Also Chris, be aware of water table and geotechnical issues... All my friends and relatives up north with basements, and from what I remember as a kid in WI, had moisture intrusion issues in their basements to downright flooding. I am sure other engineers on this list have lots of experience in this area.
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