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Re: HSS welds & HSS in general

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Additionally, the face of the HSS may not be "flat" (tolerances) which
raises the sides of the perpendicular member further. Worst, there are
tolerance variations between Tube and HSS for dimension, square, thickness
and radius. You have to be clear on what is being used.

I always show flare bevel instead of fillet. In my opinion, backing bar or
other special requirements to make a flare bevel work in this instance are
the responsibility of the fabricator, their weld engineer and in-house weld
processes. If they find that they can't fit it up to suit my detail,
including dressing the end, they need to call me. They should be aware of
potential problems when estimating work on HSS and qualify their quotes if
they don't have complete details.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
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> From: "Joseph R. Grill" <jrgrill(--nospam--at)>
> Just a quick question (or point of discussion).....On the side of the =
> flair groove weld, check with the corner radius of the tube that is =
> being welded to.  In larger sections the corner radius might be quite =
> large.  If the wall thickness of the  perpendicular tube is small there =
> may not even be contact.  Not sure, but I seem to remember a situation I =
> had  like this several years ago.  had nothing to do with welds, but =
> actual dimensions of the tube and corners may be a consideration.  Might =
> need backing bars at the groove weld sides.  check into it though, =
> Saturday night after cocktails and dinner my memory is a bit fuzzy.
> Joe Grill

>> Jerry Coombs wrote:
>> For those of you that do a lot of steel work:
>> Say you have an HSS square shape end butting to the side of another of
>> the same size.  Say you want to weld it all around (never mind why).
>> Do you show two weld symbols, one for fillet weld both sides and one
>> for flare bevel both sides?  Or do you show one symbol for fillet weld
>> all around, knowing full well it'll get done properly.  one symbol
>> makes for a much cleaner detail.  In this case, weld stress is not a
>> concern. 
>> jdc

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