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RE: Sloped Rafter Bearing

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I’ve definitely considered that, but I would still like to have a reasonable idea of what would be “better.”




Doug Mayer, SE

Structural Engineer



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Subject: Re: Sloped Rafter Bearing


How about giving the contractor the choice, if you consider both to be acceptable?


In a message dated 12/4/07 9:24:40 AM, doug.mayer(--nospam--at) writes:

Hi all,
I am doing a light framed building with TJI rafters at 3:12 pitch bearing on an exterior stud wall.  What do you think would be the more economical connection: a) TJI bearing on wall with beveled top plate; or b) TJI bearing on Simpson VPA (variable pitch connector) connection to typical double top plate?  I think I would still lean towards “a” since I believe the cost of the connectors would still be more than the labor of ripping and installing that extra top plate.  However, I am not sure about this and would appreciate any input.
Doug Mayer, SE
Structural Engineer

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