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Staggered Plywood roof sheathing

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Normally I can stagger panels so that the joints occur at the center line of the adjacent panel. My question is; Does the code (assume either 97 UBC or 200x IBC) require the horizontal panels to be staggered so that they are staggered 4-feet on center or if the condition exists, can I stagger so that 2-feet / 6-feet is the point where the panels shift. I think this is defined as load case 1 where the panel ends join on the roof framing (the same member) but that the ends of the panel are staggered in earch row of sheathing. If I don't stagger them at 2'-0" on the end of one row then there will be less than 12-inches to fill between existing and new and this is not allowed in the code (I think the minimum stagger on the panels is 2-feet.  Any comments?
Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant