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Re: CA Licensure

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Title: Re: CA Licensure
I would add that it depends on whether Jeremy wants to get only a PE license or if he needs an SE license.  Unless he is designing hospitals and/or schools...or maybe high rise structures in some locations, then he would only need a PE license and thus would NOT need to the Part III of the California SE...only the seismic, surveying, and take home exams.  The thing that I am not sure of is if California requires the Civil PE exam or if they will accept the Struct I exam instead.  That could be problem.  It was not a problem for me as I had to take the Civil PE exam to get my Michigan PE license, which is what started me off.  Since then, I did the Struct  I and II to get my Illinois SE and then the WA Struct III to get my Washington SE (I had to get my Washington PE license first, but that was pure reciprocity)...and finally the CA seismic, surveying and take home exams to get my CA PE.  Supposedly, a CA SE is just a matter of reciprocity for me since I have the WA SE.  So, I should be done with exams, other than various take home/ethics/law exams for some states and the cold weather course for Alaska, if I ever want my license up there.


Adrian, MI

On 12/7/07 1:26 AM, "Gerard Madden, SE" <gmse4603(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Pass the seismic, surverying, and take home exam of the California PE exam.

Then take Part III of the California SE exam.

Not sure if you have to wait 3 years in between though...


On Dec 6, 2007 6:03 PM, Jeremy Salmon <JeremyS(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I've passed the Structural I and Structural II exams, and I have 9 years of experience under CA licensed engineers, but I live outside of CA.  Does anyone know what I'd be required to take to become licensed in California?  Do I just need to take the surveying/seismic portion, or would I also need to take the Civil portion as well?