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Re: Perforated shear walls

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Jeff Hedman wrote:


There was no strapping on the outside of the building, but it is possible that there could have been strapping on the inside. So your are saying that if the openings are treated like an opening in the diaphragm, then the height to width ratios no longer apply? Which all of the extra stuff to do calculate with perforated shear walls, and the reduction in shear capacity, is it ever really worth it to use them?

Take a look at Fig. 2305.3.5. You still need to consider ht./width ratios. You need an analysis in either case--"rational" or the "perforated shearwall" stuff in the Code. You still need hardware. Out here in earthquake country I'm not comfortable with unreinforced openings in the middle of my shearwalls--YMMV.
Chuck Utzman, PE

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