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Re: Stair stringer design for continuous kinked stringer

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Conrad just gave you a good reply. I just did such a stair for a job(industrial application). Height to second floor is 10' with a 4' long landing. I just took the total length of it and calculated the moment which required a light channel. Ended up using a C10x15.3 because I could put a decent size hand-rail/guard-rail post on the top flange.

Jim Wilson wrote:
What is the proper way to analyze/design a steel channel stair stringer when the stringer is continuous from the angled riser through to the end of the level platform? There would be a laterally braced full pen weld at the angle point. Is this just a simple span beam calc for the full length? Or is there another way to model the angled section with simple methods? Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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