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RE: Profis Software

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While were on an the subject of anchors, S.K. Ghosh has a one page article in Dec Structural Engineer magazine 1997 UBC vs 2006 IBC concrete anchor design.

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Subject: RE: Profis Software

Pardon me, Christopher, for sounding dumb, but don’t you just use statics to distribute loads to the anchors?


What am I missing?


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From: Christopher Banbury [mailto:cbanbury@ar]
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Subject: RE: Profis Software


Profis only does proprietary post-installed anchors which I need very seldom. For cast-in-place anchors I have used Profis to obtain the load distribution on the anchor rods and then used some other rational method or program to design the individual anchor rods. I seem to remember a setting that allows you to fix the anchor rods rigidly to the plate so that the plate-to-rod load distribution is more similar to welded anchors. This still requires some difficult analysis since you have to establish that that the concrete related failure modes are conservative for the C.I.P. anchor rod that you intend to use.


I’m currently looking for an application that does the design/analysis for embed plates with 6+ cast-in-place welded anchor rods without all the gymnastics. I would appreciate any suggestions.


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